Kailash Rubber Industries is one of the reputed company in India for Dam Gate Rubber Seal, It’s have India’s First Is : 15466 – 2004 BIS License. It’s have Z’ type, Flat  type, Musical Knot type (P & J type), L type, Hollow Blub type, Mushroom type, C’ type, Arrow type, Double Bulb type, Double Steam type, Telflon Cladded type,Brass Cladded, L TYPE RUBBER SEAL, etc.

IS 15466 Certificate

Dams and barrages are built for storage / diversion of water for irrigation or generation of electric power. In concrete dams, tunnels / spillways, head regulator of intake structure, by-pass channels and draft tube of power house, the flow of water is controlled with the help of hydraulic gates.

To prevent flow of water past a closed gate, seals are provided either on the gate or on the metal frame in the gate slot. Rubber is the most commonly used material for seals, as it is elastic, deforms readily and regains its original shape on removal of load.

A Kailash rubber industry is rubber seals prepared by only moulding process. It has developed full range of dam gate rubber seals like for all types

  • Radial Gates
  • Stop Log Gates
  • Spill Way Gates
  • Under Sluice Gates
  • Automatic Tilting Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Draft Tube Gates
  • Desilting Service Gates
  • Bulk Head Gates
  • HR Gates
  • Vertical Lift Gates

We can make the parts with good quality and highly appreciated service according to your drawing with dimensions or samples.This all gates seals are manufacturing conforming to IS: 11855 -1986 or IS: 15466 – 2004.  It’s CM / L No. is 7200150695.

We have our own in-house testing facility for testing of Rubber seals. Every batch of mixed rubber undergoes rigorous testing at factory laboratory as well as at government or private sector laboratory to ensure all of the physical and chemical requirements before being released to final stag.

In general, rubber hydraulic seals should have high tensile strength, high tear resistance, good abrasion resistance, low water resistance and excellent weathering resistance.

Physical characteristics shall meet the following:

Physical Test Test Value Specifications
Tensile strength 3000 psi (min.) Die C ASTM D412
Elongation at Rupture 450% (min.) ASTM D412
300% Modulus 900 psi (min.) ASTM D412
Durometer Hardness, Shore Type A 60 to 70 ASTM D2240
Water Absorption
70 Hrs.
10% change in
@ volume (max.) 212°F
Compression Set
Hrs. @ 158°F
30% (max.) ASTM D395 Method B 22
Tensile Strength After 80% (min.) ASTM D572
Tensile Strength After
Oxygen Bombaging
of tensile strength
80% (min.) ASTM D572
Low Temperature
Non-brittle after
3’ @ -40°C
ASTM D2137,
Method A, 9.3.2


All raw materials such as Carbon Black, Oils, Rubber Chemicals, etc. are checked in house laboratory, by a team of chemist and lab experts for ensuring the quality of incoming materials. All other row and sami finish materials are directly received from Branded Companies like Cabot India / Philips Carbon, HP Oils / IPOL, DuPont, Buyer, Lanxess, Nocil Chemicals.

Dam Gate Rubber Seal Compounds, based on following elastomers, are used for the manufacturing of Rubber Dam Gate Seals :

  • Natural Rubber
  • EPDM Rubber
  • Poly Chloroprene Rubber
  • Neoprene Rubber

Dam Gate Rubber Seal Extursion Process Method

Material Storage
Kailash Rubber Industries produces Dam gate seal by Moulding Method. Pressurized curing during moulding ensures close dimensional control, superior physical properties, compact microstructures, thus improved durability and functionality.

Rubber selection (Natural Rubber Raw Materials of dam gate rubber seal)

Dam seal is very creative & technically challenging product. Rubber selection dose always matter of tech Performa & long lasting life of product. We are highest grades and Qual available in the market is used.

  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Neoprene Rubber
  • EPDM Rubber

Mixing & Compounding

In this process we are mixing the supporting ingredient in to the raw rubber to enhance its property. We are always follows the standards in making production. Mixing and Rubber Compounding with a formula to fabricate the desired product or article.

We follows two stage mixing process in order to get the best properties of rubber.

  • Stage 1 : carbon black and other non-vulcanizing additives are combined with the raw rubber The term master batch is used for this first stage mixture.
  • Stage 2 : after stage 1 mixing has been completed, and time for cooling has been allowed, stage 2 mixing is carried out in which vulcanizing agents are added

(Dam Gate Rubber Seal Prepared by Extrusion or Molding Methods)

Extrusion process

It's a very important stage in making of dam gate rubber seal. Extrusion process is must in making various reason

  • Toi Control porosity of seals. (porosity reduces the strength & life of rubber seal.)
  • Dimension accuracy (it helps to fit property & hence effects in performance at end)
  • Fast production with accuracy (it helps in timely delivery & making the process help free for workers)
  • Tensile strength property achievement (due to extrusion of rubber properly & hence increase the most important property of tensile strength.)

Vulcanizing (Curing)

A seal gets once in completely Electrically automatic hydraulic presses. Where temperature ,pressure (5000 psi pressure capacity), Good smooth finishing & time are can be controlled automatically. We are also having alternate method & facility of curing in autoclave by using Steam This curing can be carried as per the technical requirement of product. Production of different Rubber Articles such as Dam gate rubber seal, O-ring, U’ring, V’seal, Rubber Rollers, Control valve Diaphragm, Pneumatic cylinder Rubber seal kit etc.

  • Finishing : Cutting and finishing / Trimming of the product
  • Testing : The Chemical and Physical properties in, government or private sector Laboratory.
  • Inspection : Inspection specifications Are strictly followed by government norms & requirment. Inspection and quality control department certifies the product.
  • Packing : All seals of inspection sent to dispatch department. When seals are cleaned again, silicon washing & coating to cover against weather. Packing and necessary labeling for desired destinations.
  • Shipping, Delivery : Dispatch : via best shipping companies, also on door delivery basis.(as per costumer requirement)

Every batch of mixed rubber undergoes rigorous testing in government or privet sector laboratory to ensure that it meets all of the physical requirements before being released to production.