High quality Diaphragms, out of Natural rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Butyle, Silicone, NBR-PVC are being manufactured by “KRI” to suit individual customers requirements.

Actual users, Spare Parts & Accessories Retailers, Original Equipment manufacturers are invited to patronize our services for a reliable supply source. Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, ceramic industries, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power plant, Fertilizer, Engineering Industry, Steel plants, Irrigation & Water supply, Pumps & Valves Industry are industries that consume various types/ sizes of Diaphragms.

Our Product Range
  • 1 mm dia up to 1000mm dia
  • 1 gram to 100 kilograms a piece.
  • Diaphragms for control valves.
  • CNG auto kit diaphragms.
  • Valves body Diaphragms.
  • Straight through type Diaphragms.
  • Plain Diaphragms.
  • Miscellaneous types of Diaphragms.
Rubber Actuator Diaphragm
  • Rubber actuator diaphragms with high quality
  • custom made imported raw rubber
Material: rubber and fabric.
  • high strengh diaphragm developed anddesigned to meet the needs of hign temperture,high speed and heavy load.
  • international advanced quality leved.
  • special design according to offered draw of detail description Character :Running long, low friction, free lubricating.